We take care of DMA testing for your materials!

Our laboratory with the whole range of Metravib DMA instruments can be yours!

For DMA testing as for fatigue testing including Heat Build Up and Crack growth testing.

Our laboratory includes:

Desktop DMA series

DMA25 and DMA50: cost-effective thermo-mechanical testing instruments


High force DMA+series

DMA+300, DMA+1000 and DMA+2000: high-end dynamic testing instruments


Automated systems for DMA+ Series

Xpander: an automated specimen handling system dedicated to the DMA+ series


High frequency DMA testing

VHF104: a high frequency dynamic testing instrument up to 10KHz


For DMA testing as for fatigue testing :

  • Temperature sweep at one or multi frequencies
  • Frequency sweep at one stabilized temperature
  • Strain sweep at one stabilized temperature
  • Curing follow-up (polymerization)
  • Creep at one stabilized temperature
  • Master curves computation (WLF law)
  • Creep tests at variable temperature for long term creep prediction
  • Fatigue testing
  • Heat build up
  • Fatigue crack growth
  • Very high frequency test with VHF104

Take part in the tests campaign definition and launching, even assist to the most interesting part of it, in order to improve your knowledge in DMA technique.

Let’s our specialists advise you of the most adapted testing methods regarding your materials and problematic and get the best of the capabilities of Metravib DMA.