Fatigue testing machines

A wide variety of fatigue tests

In numerous industrial applications materials are subjected to cyclic loading that generates failure mechanisms. Fatigue analysis and consequent life prediction are then major issues. The new DMA+ series instruments are dynamic testing machines based on an innovative concept of one-piece high rigidity test frame which offers the largest stiffness and frequency analysis ranges, along with first-class ergonomics.

Dyna+ software makes possible an extended variety of fatigue tests as well for materials specimens as for industrial components. Optional DMA module software makes possible to combine in one single testing machine, fatigue testing capabilities with DMA testing capabilities, making DMA+ series instruments unmatched powerful testing platforms.


(peak to peak) 300 - 1000 - 2000 Newtons (depending on model)
from 0.00001 Hz to 1000 Hz
(peak to peak) 12 mm
Thermal chamber
From -150°C to +500°C
Highly rigid one-piece mechanical frame
High precision measurement
Stiffness, Tan Delta, Young's modulus and shear modulus
With only one single instrument
Fatigue, crack growth, DMA, TMA, creep, stress relaxation tests
Excitation waveform control
Sinusoidal, haversine, pulse, triangle , square, customized
Advanced algorithm
For precise test control
Sample analysis
Analysis of material specimens with material-representative size
Configurable for
Traction / compression / bending / shearing
Wide selection of specimen holders
For multiple test modes, geometries and dimensions
Easily customizable
To meet specific analytical requirements
Optical specimen observation system
Atmosphere control
Humidity control
Optimized work ergonomics
Reduced maintenance
Reduction of the ecological footprint

Features of the DMA+300, DMA+1000 and DMA+2000 series

The DMA+ series instruments rely on the most advanced technologies to achieve high-precision analysis of mechanical properties.


Applications for the DMA+300, DMA+1000, DMA+2000

  • Lifetime prediction of materials
  • Fatigue testing of material specimens
  • Fatigue testing of small and middle size industrial components
  • Fatigue testing of composites, polymers, rubbers…
  • Fatigue testing of films and fragile specimens
  • Simulation of service conditions of materials and engineered components
  • Tests under controlled environment : temperature, gas, humidity, immersion bath
  • Heat Build Up Tests of rubbers
  • Crack growth testing
  • R&D / Quality Control / Education / Lab work

Full DMA Suite software makes possible to combine as well on one single testing machine :

  • DMA and TMA testing
  • Precise measurement of viscoelastic properties
  • Determination of glass and secondary transitions
  • Static and quasi static testing: creep, stress relaxation, tension, compression…
  • Long term creep prediction

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