Automated systems for DMA+ Series

Xpander: the reliability of DMA testing

Metravib Xpander is a unique cost-effective solution to address the increasing throughput requirement of testing laboratories. Xpander is an automated specimen handling system dedicated to the DMA+ series Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers. Xpander allows DMA test campaigns to run continuously around the clock and autonomously without any operator intervention. Xpander’s flexibility makes possible to accommodate with material specimens of various shapes and sizes. As a pioneer in the automation of dynamic testing, Metravib has been supplying the leaders of the rubber and tire industries with robust automated DMA for more than 20 years.



Continuous testing
Designed for continuous testing 24/7/365
Eliminates human error by fully automating testing
Improves reliability and reproducibility of DMA test results
High specimen storage capability
Fast adaptation to various specimen geometries and sizes
Fast conversion to various testing modes
Compression, traction, shear
Fast conversion to manual use
Modular design
To address customized testing requirements
Future proof technology
Cost effective
Reduced foot print
Reduced maintenance

Metravib Xpander: Automated DMA in shear, tension and compression modes

Metravib Xpander applications

  • Automated DMA and Fatigue tests
  • Industrial routine tests
  • Quality control tests
  • Rubber and polymer testing

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