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Take advantage of the most advanced Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers!

Metravib provides research and industrial laboratories with the most advanced instruments for the characterization of the viscoelastic properties and thermo-mechanical properties of materials using Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA).

With its strong capacity for innovation and its renowned expertise in structural analysis, vibration measurement technologies and physics of materials, Metravib has developed a unique range of instruments focused on DMA and fatigue testing offering unmatched capabilities.

Our culture of innovation

METRAVIB Material Testing stands as a pioneering force in the realm of Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA), renowned for its outstanding innovation capabilities, pushing the envelope of what’s possible in viscoelastic analysis.

This commitment to innovation has led to the development of advanced DMA techniques that expand the horizons of material characterization. Constant work is carried out to refine software solutions, providing user-friendly interfaces and sophisticated data analysis tools, making DMA more accessible and efficient for users.

Furthermore, METRAVIB Material Testing thrives on collaboration, actively partnering with leading research institutions or manufacturers to refine its technologies and explore new applications. This collaborative approach has borne fruit in industries like tire field, transport industry or leisure industry, where their innovations have had a transformative impact.

Our team’s innovation capabilities extend even further with their innovative automation solutions:

The introduction of Xpander has automated and streamlined DMA experiments, significantly reducing human intervention and potential errors. This cutting-edge automation not only improves productivity but also enhances the consistency and reliability of results. Users can now run a wide range of DMA tests efficiently, unlocking deeper insights into material behavior.

Additionally, METRAVIB’s crack growth system integrates seamlessly with their DMA instruments, providing an automated approach to the study of material fatigue under various conditions with precision and ease.

Incorporating automation into DMA testing is a testament to METRAVIB’s commitment to simplifying complex processes, saving valuable time, and empowering researchers to focus on the analysis and interpretation of results. These solutions represent a remarkable convergence of technology and materials science, further solidifying METRAVIB’s position as a trailblazer in the field of DMA.