Desktop DMA series

Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers

DMA25 and DMA50 are “desktop” Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers offering a high force range and outstanding flexibility. From glass transition determination to immersed tests, they make powerful and very cost-effective thermomechanical testing platforms.



From low levels ( /-0.001N) to high forces ( +/-25 Newtons for the DMA25 or +/-50 Newtons for the DMA50)
Maximum force expandable to +/-50 Newtons for rigid materials or large specimens
from /-1µm to /-3mm
from 0.00001 Hz to 200 Hz
from -150°C to 500°C
Analysis of specimens
With sizes representative of the material
Flexible and user-friendly Dynatest software including advanced control algorithms
Auto-tension mode
(coupled static/dynamic control) for films and 3-point bending modes
Multi-purpose thermal chamber
With window, allowing for gas atmosphere
Reversible frame
Immersed tests
Possible for all specimen holders and all stress modes at no extra cost
Humidity control capability
Easy to use
Reduced maintenance
Low price

Metravib DMA Desktop series

The outstanding flexibility of DMA25 and DMA50 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers presents many assets.


Metravib Desktop series applications

DMA25 and DMA50 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers for a broad range of applications

  • DMA and TMA testing
  • Determination of glass and secondary transitions
  • Static and quasi static testing: creep, stress relaxation, tension, compression, etc.
  • Particularly well suited to polymer and composite characterization
  • Tests on materials immersed in a liquid
  • Materials humidity dependence analysis
  • R&D / Quality Control / Education / Lab work

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