North America: a new partner for Metravib!

The Metravib team is proud to announce a new collaboration with C-Therm Technologies Ltd.

C-Therm has been selected to represent the DMA product line in the United States and Canada.

Hugues Baurier, Metravib’s Global Sales Manager, spoke to the value of partnering with C-Therm in North America, “they have an impressive team with a very well-equipped lab, possessing strong technical acumen. We feel they can add a lot of value in the consultancy engagement with our clients and provide very capable technical support. C-Therm does a great job setting the customer up for success.”

Adam Harris, Managing Director for C-Therm comments, “we are excited to support the Metravib product line in North America. They are really driving innovation in the sector with their combination of high frequency, high force capabilities and impressive Xpander automation platform. We have traditionally serviced the same industries in rubber and composites with our own thermal analysis products. We were really impressed with the overall quality of the Metravib products and organization as whole.”

C-Therm and Metravib kicked off the cooperation with a launch webinar on February 12, 2020 and are in the process of reaching out to their customers in the region in sharing the news on this new collaboration.

About C-Therm Technologies Ltd.

C-Therm Technologies Ltd. is the world leader in transient-based thermal conductivity instrumentation for R&D, production and quality control environments. C-Therm’s flagship product is the Trident Thermal Conductivity Instrument. Trident provides 3 different methods for thermal conductivity characterization. C-Therm’s overall mission is to simplify thermal conductivity characterization and provide opportunity for high accuracy data under real-world application conditions.