Fully automated DMA

A unique combination

With Xpander, a unique automated specimen loading system dedicated to the DMA+series, Metravib meets the expectation of industry in term of DMA testing accuracy and productivity improvement.

The association of Xpander and a DMA+ is the unique combination of high end DMA instrument with a 6 axis table top industrial robot!

Intensive DMA testing may be performed 24/7, cancelling nights and weekends time off of the DMA instrument.

Testing lab throughput is at its maximum and technicians can concentrate on more valuable tasks than loading and downloading specimens!

“We have recently installed the new Xpander to enhance the capabilities of the lab and also to free up time, allowing technicians to concentrate on interpreting results. We have quickly gotten to grips with the system, thanks to the training and support provided by Metravib, and we have already noticed significant savings.”

Thomas Chaussée, Global Tire Manager for SOLVAY

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